The Riverton Rostrata Cricket Club committee have come up with a number of levels for our 2023/24 registration fees, including options for one off payments and split-fee payment plans (please see below).

The initial payment along with the National Registration Fee (NRF) need to be made at the time of registration. All follow-up payments will be required to be made to either the treasurer (Mr Adam Morgan) or by direct debit to the club account prior to the cut-off dates listed below. (If payments are outstanding, those owing will not be selected to play).

Club Account details:

BSB Account Number Reference
306-044 0265442 Your name

Fee options are:

  1. Senior Registration (Players 18+ years of age)
  2. Pay StructureInstalmentTotal
    a) One off payment$480$480
    b) Two payments*$250$500
    c) Four Payments**$130$520


  3. Student Registration (Players 18+ years of age, studying full time)
  4. Pay StructureInstalmentTotal
    a) One off payment$430$430
    b) Two payments*$225$450
    c) Four Payments**$117.50$470


  5. Life Members
  6. Pay StructureInstalmentTotal
    a) One off payment$320$320
    b) Two payments*$170$340
    c) Four Payments**$90$360


  7. Juniors and Fill-ins
  8. Pay StructureUpfront PaymentMatch day Fees
    a) Juniorxx and Fill-inyy$0$10
    b) Playing member$160$20

XX Players aged 14-17 years of age
yy Players playing as a fill-in option, limited to less than 4 match days