A.F. Newman Medal

In 2008/09 the club introduced the A.F. Newman Medal to acknowledge the best player for the season in the clubs First XI. The award was named after club stalwart Tony Newman in recognition of his many years of service in our top grade team.

Tony was awarded life membership in 2003/04 and during his time with the club has been a committee member, club captain, premiership captain and for over 20 years was a permanent fixture in our top team. The club is honoured that he has allowed us to name the award for the best player in the First XI after him.

The award is determined by the umpire(s) who award 3, 2, 1 votes at the end of each First XI game.

YearWinnerRunner Up
2008/09Richard Marshall (13 votes)Grant Newman (8 votes)
2009/10Dale Meyer (13)Mark Elvidge (12)
2010/11Dale Meyer (26)Mark Elvidge (13)
2011/12Jacob Johnson (17)Wayne Fontana (15)
2012/13Cleto Piani, Matt Thorn (13)Jenittan Mahanthiran (11)
2013/14Jarryd Kenna (12)Nick Sayer (10)
2014/15Bryan Ogg (15)Jarryd Kenna (11)
2015/16Matt Battista, Craig Nelson (11)Bryan Ogg (10)
2016/17Craig Nelson (14)Cameron McQuie (12)
2017/18Matthew Koenig (16)Darren Marijanich (14)
2018/19Craig Nelson (11)Matthew Koenig, Darcy Shipard (10)
2019/20Alastair Turner (14)Matthew Cust (11)
2020/21Baden Norwood (8)Craig Nelson (7)
2021/22Luke Kenna (13)Darren Marijanich (11)
2022/23Matthew Cust (14)Luke Kenna (13)