Fielder Medal

The Fielder Medal is awarded each year to the player who has received the most points across all grades based on the following points structure:



  • 1 point for each run scored


  • 15 points for an unassisted wicket (bowled, LBW, hit wicket)
  • 10 points for an assisted wicket (caught, stumped)


  • 5 points per catch or stumping
  • 10 points per fieldsmen for an assisted run out
  • 20 points for an unassisted run out


From 1994/95 to 2004/05 the award was known as the Cricketer of the Year. From 2005/06 it was renamed the Fielder Medal in recognition of the Fielder family’s on and off field contributions to the club. The five Fielder brothers – Gordon, Robert, Arthur, Richard and Beau – represented the club in 910 games starting with Robert in 1971/72 through to Richard’s last game in the 2018/19 season.

Daniel Fielder (Richard’s son) has continued on the family tradition having represented the club 173 times to the end of the 2022/23 season.

YearWinnerRunner Up
1994/95Keith Lazaroo (652 points)Anthony Newman (634)
1995/96Mark Yates (670)Keith Lazaroo (665)
1996/97Anthony Newman (635)Mark Fogarty (531)
1997/98Steve Bull (777)Allan Seubert (722)
1998/99Anthony Newman (621)Paul Inkster (489)
1999/00Peter Fogarty (606)Anthony Newman (495)
2000/01Arthur Fielder (802)Anthony Newman (653)
2001/02Steve Reilly (707)Anthony Newman (542)
2002/03Brendon Bryden (675)Matthew Read (665)
2003/04Aaron Bowles (827)Adam Pound (623)
2004/05Matthew Read (670)Jeff Howard (606)
2005/06Rhett Ovens (707)Clayton Wylie (674)
2006/07Sam Moses (686)Gavin Shaw (650)
2007/08Clayton Wylie (826)Grant Newman (648)
2008/09Damien Grove (542)Stephen Schreck (517)
2009/10Robert Denny (623)Dale Meyer (605)
2010/11Josh Hansen (854)Dale Meyer (804)
2011/12Mitchell Smith (482)Jason Rinaldi (468)
2012/13Richard Marshall (1002)Wayne Fontana (733)
2013/14Richard Marshall (1057)Wayne Fontana (690)
2014/15Richard Marshall (692)Liam Moldrich (651)
2015/16Richard Marshall (834)Jeff Howard (515)
2016/17Richard Marshall (868)Shihan Naushad (613)
2017/18Richard Marshall (774)Grant Newman (615)
2018/19Vincent Chew (821)Richard Marshall (699)
2019/20Jordan May (759)Brendan May (717)
2020/21Paul Inkster (598)Jordan Emberson (560)
2021/22Chris Atkinson (725)Jordan May (648)
2022/23James D'Angelo (778)Jordan May (770)