About Us


The current club was formed from the merger of the Riverton Cricket Club and the Rostrata Cricket Club in 1994.  The Riverton club first played in the 1971/72 season with the Rostrata club forming prior to the 1985/86 season.  However the path to formation of both these clubs was very different with the subsequent merger of the two clubs to form the Riverton Rostrata Cricket Club being in no small part due to the actions of the South Suburban Cricket Association.


Current Committee

No club can succeed without the contributions of its members both on and off the field.  The Rats would like to thank the club members who have put their hand up to fill a position on the committee for the 2019/20 season.


Executive Committees

The Rats would like to acknowledge the contributions of all committee members since the club commenced.  Though club records were not comprehensive enough to enable a full reconstruction of all committee members, we were still able to reconstruct a listing of all office bearers going back to the commencement of the Riverton Cricket Club in 1971/72.


Life Members

The club is proud to have a group of life members who have provided incredible service to the club both on and off the field.  To the end of the 2016/17 season the club has 25 life members (which has cost the club a fortune in life member badges!).


Fielder Medal

The Fielder Medal is awarded to the player (across all grades) who receives the most points during a season with batting, bowling and fielding efforts all attracting points.  Getting a duck does not result in a deduction of points which is lucky as some players might end up with a negative points tally at season’s end.


A.F. Newman Medal

The A.F. Newman Medal is awarded to the best player in the club’s First XI with the umpire(s) awarding votes at the conclusion of each game.  The award recognises the contributions of Tony Newman who was the leading player in the club’s First XI for many years.


Junior Cricket

Though the club does not have a formal link to a junior cricket club we nevertheless have a strong relationship with the Riverton Rossmoyne Junior Cricket Club.  If you are a junior and wish to play cricket in the local area we encourage you to visit their website for further details – www.rrjcc.wa.cricket.com.au