The club is pleased to announce that Derek Bland has agreed to continue on in the role of club coach for season 2022/23.

This will be Derek’s second season in the role with his contribution last year being significant.

Now…  If we could just teach our players to bat and bowl better we will have a brilliant year!



**Seeking players for the upcoming 2022/23 season**

The Riverton Rostrata Cricket Club is seeking players of all abilities to come down for the upcoming cricket season.  We are a welcoming, family friendly club currently fielding four teams in the South Metropolitan Cricket Association.

Based at Riverton Reserve, we are aiming to field two 2 day sides (that play a mixture of 2 day and 1 day games) and two 1 day sides.  Our grades go from 2nd grade right down to 1 Day G, so there is a team for all abilities.



Saturday, 19th November 2017 was a pretty special day for three of our players.  All of them scored their first 100’s for the club with two coming in the same innings. (more…)